Obama wants more crackdowns against Taliban in Pakistan

Posted: September 6, 2008 in Political
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Obama wants more crackdowns against Taliban in Pakistan
Obama wants more crackdowns against Taliban in Pakistan US presidential candidate Barack Obama said that without Pakistani security forces’ cooperation and more crackdowns against militants it is highly imperative or not possible to win war of terror in Afghanistan against Taliban.

In an interview to a US channel, Barach Obama said that US is providing military aid to Pakistan without any check and Pakistan is using this aid to enhance its military abilities against its war with India.

To a question he replied that Pakistan use American military aid to build up its arsenal against its preparation in war with India rather in war on terror. He also said that we have to create more pressure on Pakistan against its operation on militants.

He said that it is not important what we have done but now we have to focus more on Afghanistan and it’s needed to build pressure on Pakistan.

Replying negatively to the question about sending armed forces inside Pakistan he said that to overcome terrorism menace we would provide more military aid to Pakistan and would help to establish true form of democracy in Pakistan.

Barack Obama claimed that US government had wasted military aid of 10 billion dollars of aid during Musharraf’s regime without checking if the provided aid was used accordingly or not.

He also emphasized that if we would have Osama bin laden within our reach we would definitely attack him.


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