Height of Naivety

Posted: December 14, 2008 in Uncategorized
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A contemporary has it that when Condoleezza Rice, US secretary of state, was recently here, our top leadership raised the issue of Indian complicity in the troubles in Balochistan and FATA. But she summarily bushed it aside, stressing she was here not to consider anything else but only the Mumbai mayhem and exact compliance from Pakistan with the Indian demands. Nevertheless, couldn’t it only be the height of our leadership’s naivety to expect she would be any willing to hear even a mention of something of which America itself is part and parcel? Can you even imagine that Washington wouldn’t be knowing what for are those over half a dozen Indian consulates in close proximity of our border with Afghanistan, whose existence cannot be justified by any diplomatic standard? And would you believe that India could station, as has it, hundreds of its crack paramilitary soldiers in Afghanistan without Washington’s knowledge or consent? Or that it doesn’t know of their special training in infiltration, subversion and sabotage? Or it knows not why is Indian intelligence RAW so massively entrenched in Afghanistan and what it is up to from there? And, for that matter, what its own shady agency CIA is indulging in from its Afghanistan station? So what is it that led up this leadership to the delusion that she would listen to its grouse, especially when it itself has been found so wanting on this score and so terribly loath to speak out when it could have with effect? Recall, when the security forces launched operation in Bajaur agency to flush out militants. NWFP Chief Minister Ameer Haidar Hoti said had the operation not been launched, another country’s flag would have been flying in the agency. Which country was it? He didn’t name it. And then a deafening silence descended on him that remains unbroken till date; and so remains that country’s name unknown. And the military people said that fighters and arms were flowing in torrentially from Afghanistan in aid of militants. But they too fell silent after making a few mews. Whereas our sense is that regular troops of a neighbouring country of ours are in civvies actively engaged in fighting on the militants’ side against our security forces. Yet, we hear of it not from our military people, though the agency residents do talk of it. Indeed, there is a queer kind of reticence holding sway over our officialdom and keeping it from speaking up even what it should have spoken out. For quite a time, heaps of cash, arms, vehicles and communication equipments had been pouring into FATA not so surreptitiously from Afghanistan side and landing into hands not so unknown. Yet, this officialdom kept quiet. It didn’t break its silence fast even when a few independent foreign voices were blaring that American “salesmen” were out in our tribal, hawking to buy loyalties of the local influential at the staggering price of $500,000 per head. And as yet is this officialdom to open its Jain-like-sealed mouth on the floating rumour that Blackwater, the notorious American private security company thrown out of Iraq for trigger-happy killings of the innocent, has set up tent in a niche of our tribal region. This officialdom’s projection drill indeed is so flawed that it gives the sense as if it is all collection of dullards and has no thinking minds in its ranks. Routinely, the security people claim killing foreign fighters but neither show them to visual media nor release their identities, resultantly rendering their own claims incredible. Not long ago, advisor on internal security Rehman Malik claimed arrest of two Indian agent provocateurs; but inexplicably didn’t show their face to the public. Again and again, the Islamabad establishment claims possession of clinching evidence of Indian complicity in Balochistan problem and FATA militancy and of foreign hand’s involvement in terrorism in the Frontier province and the rest of the country. But that evidence it has never brought to public light, keeping it closeted in its official safes. And yet it cries the world community reviles Pakistan for terrorism when it itself is this monstrosity’s worst victim. But how can it expect the world to appreciate its sad predicament when it is so stingy in telling the world of the truths causing it this grief? Even now, this stupor-afflicted establishment can revisit its act and put some punch in its sluggish projection drill. Though much has been lost because of its stupidity, still it can recoup a bit of the country’s badly-dented image by speaking out the truths boldly and loudly.


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