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..:: A SERVANT’S PLEA ::.. [written by: Asma Sadia]

Standing before You, I beseech You O’ Lord,
…You are my only, my only one God!
Hands devoid of deeds and eyes filled with tears,
You are the only One, aware of all my fears.

I am such a slave, who is weary to ask,
To prostrate before You seems a big task.
Lazy a slave I am to recite a single verse,
I beg You to pardon me and save me from Your Curse.

As I get drawn into the whirlpool of desire,
Greed, envy and pride now becoming my attire.
Save me, O’ Lord! As I tread on this path,
Now is not my worry, my fear- the aftermath!

Guide me O’ Lord before I am a failure,
Show me the truth as truth and the error as error.
Make me O’ Lord how You desire me to be,
Grant me wisdom and joy, understanding and mercy.

Leave me not alone even for a blink of an eye,
It is easy for me to sin, no matter how much I try.
Be with me O’ Lord until the Day of Decree,
Accept this invocation as a humble servant’s plea!


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