The Avengers”Nokmim”

Posted: November 5, 2012 in General
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The Nokmim, also referred to as The Avengers or the Jewish Avengers, were groups of Jewish assassins that targeted Nazi war criminals with the aim of avenging the Holocaust. The groups of Jews – some veterans of the Jewish brigade, and some veterans of the Partisans − were organized after World War II ended. The name refers to Nakam (Dam Yehudi Nakam–”Jewish Blood Will Be Avenged”, the acronym DIN means “judgement”), a Jewish organization made up of survivors of the Vilna Ghetto founded by Abba Kovner in 1945.

For many Jews, the end of World War II meant freedom, but some of the Jews felt a need to obtain revenge from the Nazis. The soldiers of the second brigade of the Jewish Brigade established the “Executioners Unit”. They traveled wearing British uniforms and arrested many Nazis and secretly tried them in an instant field trial. They called themselves “The Avengers”. Among the Avengers groups were: Israel Carmi, Robert Grossman, Dov Goren, Sheike Weinberger, Meir Zorea, Marcel Tubias, Shimon Avidan and others. Meir Zorea used to tell how the member of the Avengers groups used to travel around Europe in groups of three to four people. Zorea testified that the Avengers killed only people who were directly involved in killing Jews. Initially, they used to shoot them in the head but later adopted the method of strangling with their own hands. The Avengers would not reveal anything to their targets before the execution – not who they were nor why they are killing them. They said the killing was like “a killing of an insect


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