The Palestine-Israel issue and other Arab-Israeli conflicts take up a significant portion of the debate time, resources and resolutions at the United Nations. The United Nations Security Council was founded in 1948 and till 2012; it passed 79 resolutions that were directly critical of Israel due to its violations of the resolutions of U.N. Security Council, the Geneva Conventions, international acts of terrorism and international law. In Lebanon alone, Israel is subject to the violations of 15 UNSC resolutions which include using military force, not complying with the cease-fire agreements and withdrawing of forces from Lebanon.

The Palestinian partition plan in November 1947 was the earliest of resolutions by the United Nations, which was adopted by the General Assembly of UN. Since then, it has passed numerous resolutions, playing a central role in trying to resolve the issues of the region. The UN has also sponsored a number of peace negotiations between the two parties, the 2000 Road Map for peace being the latest one. A resolution in 1975, Resolution 3379, stated “Zionism is racism.”However, it was rescinded in 1991.

Most of the decisions of the UNO, which were also supported by the countries of Organization of the Islamic Conference, were critical of Israel’s treatment with the Palestinians. Because of these resolutions, a number of pro-Israel parties blame UNO for its bias against Israel. It is important to note here that the Jewish community has always considered the UN for taking a hostile approach towards Israel even after the fact that the United Nations played a fundamental role in the efforts of Jews to create the State of Israel.

Despite the fact that Israel believes the UN to have shown bias against them in history, there have been positive developments for Israel at this international body. The UN has a number of Israeli diplomats appointed to various positions. An Israeli official headed one of the committees of the organization in 2007. It was Rony Adam, the head of UN department of Israeli Foreign Ministry who presided over the UN Committee for Program and Coordination.

Moreover, in 2005, Israel was given the deputy chairmanship of the United Nations Disarmament Commission. In the same year, Permanent Representative to the UN and Israel’s Ambassador, Dan Gillerman, was elected as one of the 21 vice presidents of the General Assembly. This candidacy was brought forward by the Western European and others Group.

The United Nations has also considered issues that concern Israel and the Jewish community, particularly the ones related to Holocaust denial and anti-Semitism. So it would be wrong to say that the United Nations is biased against Israel.


After reading scores of articles  I come to the conclusion that the Arab countries really do not want to settle the Palestinian controversy. They just want to use them to antagonize Israel.

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