After the fall of Dhaka, Indian army and Mukti Bahini arranged mass slaughter ceremonies of Pakistanis and Bihari Muslims in Dhaka Race course ground. Thousands of Bengali Muslims were also butchered who had sided with Pakistan against India and Mukti Bahini.

In front of cheering crowds of Mukti Bahini terrorists and Indian army troops, one by one, these Pakistanis were brought, tortured, their eyes taken out and they were bayoneted in sadistic macabre rituals to please the Hindu gods.

Never ever forget what Hindus did to Muslims in East Pakistan. You were never told this history before. This is what Hindus do when they get power over Muslims! By Allah, we will take revenge for every shaheed from 1947 till today, especially for the Muslims of East Pakistan who died in such helpless pain. Recite Fatiha for these brave sons of Pakistan who died because they love the Sabz Hilal parcham!

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