Textile industry in Punjab —– Attn Khadm-e-Alaa

Posted: December 16, 2012 in General, News and politics, Political
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What is Khadm-e-Alaa is doing for crisis……..or ………Busy is some serious fund raising(for Elections)  through development projects

Textile industry in Punjab is under severe pressure due to energy crisis and mills are heading towards forced closure, observed an emergent meeting of All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA) Punjab held on Monday.
APTMA Punjab Chairman Shahzad Ali Khan along with Central Chairman APTMA Ahsan Bashir presided said electricity load shedding has been increased to eight hours a day from four hours a day.

There is also gas curtailment to the industry, which is likely to be worst from next week. But electricity supply to textile industry has reached to an alarming level, hitting hard to the industrial potential of earning $1 billion per month besides providing jobs to millions of workers in Punjab.

Some 70 percent of textile industry in Punjab is being exposed to intentional electricity cuts despite the fact the Ministry of Water and Power has the capacity of generating 18,000 megawatts (MW), out of which 6,000 MW belongs to hydel and 12,000 MW to thermal generation.

The meeting observed total demand of electricity in the country was not more than 11,000 MW, which can easily be met by thermal generation.

Shahzad Ali Khan said the APTMA members have decided to negotiate with the Ministry of Water and Power during the current week for uninterrupted electricity supply to textile industry and avoid pushing it to destruction, as it would be detrimental to country.

The textile industry in Punjab would go on strike in case the government fails to address the issue of electricity supply within this week. The textile millers and workers would protest against electricity load shedding in all major textile hubs across the Punjab. He said there was no load shedding in textile industry before May 2012.

Similarly, on gas supply, the industry has faced load shedding for 77 days in 2008-09, 95 days in 2009-10, 136 days in 2010-11, 185 days in 2011-12 and 62 days in 2012-13 until 10th of December. So far, one-third capacity is closed and another 50 percent would be affected from next week onwards when there would be severe shortage of electricity and gas.

Total load of textile industry on LESCO system is 550 MW per day out of which only 300 MW per day is being supplied with.

Gohar Ejaz said the APTMA leadership would make sure there was no closure of textile industry for even an hour while pursuing the government to meet the shortages for electricity generation.

He said some 10 million workers are attached with textile industry in Punjab, bearing the burden of 50 million families in total.

He said the Advisor to Prime Minister on Petroleum and Natural Resources Dr Asim Hussain has directed the Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited to provide gas to the Captive Power Plants of textile industry for three days during current week, which was a good omen.

Ahsan Bashir said the government has proved time and again that it was functioning with pro-industry approach and expressed the hope that sanity would prevail ahead and no one would be allowed to close the industry for even a single day.


What is Khadm-e-Alaa is doing for crisis……..or ………Busy is some serious fund raising(for Elections)  through development projects
Source: Daily Times .


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