A US BOND Theory!

Posted: December 17, 2012 in General, News and politics, Political
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This is the body of one of ten TTP attackers who were involved in Saturday night’s brazen attack on Peshawar International Airport. Does this really look like some “crazed Islamic fundamentalist” to you? The tattoos on his body are raising many questions about the real identities of those behind the assault and who the TTP really are. Many in the media have been pointing towards American interference in the past, considering that the United States and NATO forces have publicly said they will not attack any TTP training grounds or hideouts in Afghanistan because as quote “the TTP do not attack us”. What a logical explanation…the people responsible for attacking Malala Yousufzai happened to have come from Afghanistan as well, it’s ironic that America claims to be fighting a “War on Terror” yet refuses to go after people who commit terror.

Points worth noting:
1. If TTP is working on an “Islamic agenda”, don’t they know that “tattoos” in Islam are forbidden? One of the Ulemas has also reinforced this by saying “…it was astonishing to see the body with a horrible face tattooed on his body…Islam does not allow drawing tattoos…”2. Pakistan security officials have repeatedly found pornographic films, male potency drugs and alcohol bottles while raiding TTP hideouts over the past few years. The same were found among the militant hideouts in Swat during the Swat operation a years ago. If the TTP is working on an “Islamic agenda”, what need would they have for pornography, alcohol and male potency drugs?

After this incident, among many others in the past, it should be clear in our heads that there is no “Islamic Jihad” being run against Pakistan. If this was really a “Islamic Jihad”, the TTP would not be bombing and attacking innocent people in Pakistan but rather go after government officials – ironic that not a single Pakistani politician has been attacked by the TTP.

It should be clear to us now, that the TTP is actively being funded and supported by the United States via the puppet state of Afghanistan in an attempt to destabilize Pakistan.


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